(English) Tea: a state of mind and a break from reality

octobre, 2014

When we sit in the tasting room of a tea house, or even in our little “tea corner” at home, we feel a peacefulness almost instantaneously, a calmness that flows over our soul, an interruption in the sometimes unbearable frenzy of our lives. Tea time is our moment to pause, even if it is forced sometimes; it is a precious time where we choose to care for ourselves. Drinking tea may be the excuse, but it is the means by which we infuse ourselves with serenity.

To quote one of our dear clients: “When I enter your tea house, all of my problems seem to be left outside, on the sidewalk. And when I leave, they don’t seem to have such an influence on my spirit. Drinking tea gives me space as it lets me view life from a different perspective.”

So, is it simply sitting in a peaceful setting, or the magic offered by these aromatic leaves from the other side of the world, that allows us to come back to what is important? A bit of both: these benefits are intrinsically related to each other. Tea, apart from being a stimulating, delicious hot beverage, is a state of mind, a means of bringing us back to the present, as soon as our lips meet our cup. This ancient, simple practice, which has been repeated by so many in all eras since the great Chinese age, brings goodness in more forms than a calming sip. It represents harmony and openness.

In this way, a good tea house does not simply supply leaves, sell flavours, or promise health to clients by means of products. It is a meeting place, an atmosphere as inspiring as the tea itself, a place to share thoughts of our rich, aromatic world, its soils, people who live by it and live on it, cultures that recognize the elegance of this beverage, and who made it a way of life. A tea house is a place of serenity and of discovery, in and out.

Besides sharing the art of savouring tea, a tea house inspires people to take some time, to offer themselves a moment of calm and perhaps even introspection, all due to this beverage that impassions us so.
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