Pu Er

Pu Er teas are post-fermented and aged. They can be in the form of loose leaves or  pressed in teacakes, bricks, nests, etc. As for wines, they are the only type of tea that can be aged to improve flavour. Their oxidation is not only enzymatic as for other types of tea; it is accomplished through fermentation due to the action of yeast and bacteria, causing the tea to transform over time.

After a given number of years (or weeks in the case of the Shou Cha category of Pu Er – accelerated fermentation) in specific environmental conditions, traditional Pu Er (Sheng Cha category – gradual fermentation) reaches the level of maturity required for consumption. The aromatic quality of their liquor is primarily rustic, complemented by notes of wetland, undergrowth, mushrooms, peat, farm, exotic wood, etc.

Their superior medicinal properties are recognized, whether to encourage digestion in cases of indigestion or food poisoning, to reduce cholesterol and fat, or also to reduce the risks of heart diseases.


List of our Pu Er:

Sheng  ( raw)

1980’s Long Zhu (loose leaf)
1980 Vietnam He Ji Xiang (loose leaf)
1990’s Liu An (loose leaf)
1992 Old Tree (loose leaf)
2005 Banzhang Mao Cha (loose leaf)
2011 Bulang Shan Wild tree (loose leaf)

1994 Bai Fu Zhuan (200g brick )
2005 Yi Wu Zheng Shan (320g cake )
2005 Nannuo Wild tree ( 200g cake )
2007 Yong De Mang Fei Shan (357g cake )
2010 Simao Silver Tips Been Cha (250g cake )
2010 Menghai Da Yi Jia Ji (100g tuocha )
2011 Mang Fei Shan (100g cake)

Shu  (ripe)

1998 Xiaguan (loose leaf)
1999 Jingmai (loose leaf)
2000 Bulang Lao Die (loose leaf)
2003 Jingmai (loose leaf)
2006 Chang Yun (loose leaf)
2008 Bulang Lao Die (loose leaf)
2009 CNNP mini tuo cha (loose leaf)
2010 Yong De Golden Buds (loose leaf)

1998 Hong Yin (210g tuo cha)
1999 CNNP Old Tree Zhuan Cha (250g brick)
2003 Langhe ‘Green Mark’ (357g cake)
2009 Yi Dian Hong Gong Tin (100g cake)
2009 Menghai Dayi 7262 -902- (357g cake)
2010 Menghai ‘Hong Yun’ (100g cake)
2011 Yong De Zi Yu (357g cake)
2011 Menghai Dayi V93 -001- (250g tuocha)
2012 Menghai Dayi 8592 -201- (357g cake)Павелко Андрей Васильевичbuy cheap guns onlineцена визы шенген