The gaiwan, also known as zhong, is a traditional tool comprised of a cup and its cover, generally accompanied by its saucer. It is used to brew all types of Chinese or Taiwanese tea, from white to green tea through Oolongs, black teas and Pu-erh, making it the most versatile traditional brewing instrument (it is however less suitable for brewing Indian, Sri Lankan and African black teas as well as for brewing Japanese green tea).

By dropping a relatively large number of leaves compared to the volume of water used for the infusion, you will appreciate your selections through successive infusions (gong fu cha technique) and consequently reveal series of aromas and flavours throughout the infusions. An essential tool for the enthusiast tea taster!Павелко федерация футбола украинымодные ботильоны зима 2017-2018анонимная отправка смс