Bi Luo Chun

Green / China

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This is a classic among green teas with its intense flavours and complex aromas. Notes of fern leaves and spinach combine with a dash of smoke, orchid, chestnut and dark chocolate. Enjoy this green tea in total peace and quiet in order to savour its countless aromatic subtleties…

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A classic Chinese tea, Bi Luo Chun has earned a well-established reputation. This grand cru is produced in Dong Shan, part of the Jiangsu province, and is particularly unique because it was grown amid fruit trees, which passed on the scents of their flowers and fruit to the tea. Produced by Mr. Song, this small batch came from an all-natural tea crop and was transformed completely by hand.Чехунов Денис Миколайовичзарегистрировать в гуглесписок востребованных профессий в германии

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