Black Teas

Best known in the Western world, black teas are completely oxidized. Their flavours and aromas are woodier and fruitier, sometimes malty and grainy with delicious, musky notes or even herbal and floral notes, depending of their quality and origin. Comprised of buds and young leaves, their grades vary greatly: from fine and subtle artisan teas with whole leaves to manufactured teas with broken and chopped leaves used for bagged tea. Black tea contains more caffeine and tannin, which stimulates the body and boosts vitality.

List of our black teas:


Bai Lin Hong Gong Fu
Ba Ye Dancong Hong Cha
Jin Jun Mei
Qimen Mao Feng
Xiao Zhong
Yunnan Dehong Purple Wild Tree
Yunnan Fengqing
Yunnan Fengqing Hong Gong Fu
Zhenghe Hong Gong Fu
Lapsang Souchong (smoked)


Sun Moon Lake T-18


Assam Gingia
Assam Banaspaty
Darjeeling Seeyok 1st flush (classic)
Darjeeling Jungpana 1st flush (classic)
Darjeeling Singell 1st flush (clonal)
Darjeeling Thurbo 1st flush (clonal)
Darjeeling Jungpana 2nd flush (classic)
Darjeeling Sourenee 2nd flush (clonal)
Darjeeling Margarets Hope 2nd flush (classic)
Nilgiri Coonoor
Nilgiri Parkside
Sikkim Temi 1st flush


Ilam Fikkal 2nd flush
Jun Chiyabari 1st flush

Sri Lanka

Ceylan Lumbini
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