Ali Shan

Oolong / Taiwan

From: $11.50

Grown without artificial pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers near the village of Shi Tou, this year’s tea once again presents an astonishing aromatic complexity. Full flavoured, and suffused with a heady perfume of candied exotic fruit, fudge, cocoa butter, and opulent flowers, as well as a thick buttery texture. Indulgent and comforting, this tea insists on being savoured and appreciated and will bring you back to the present moment. Truly and incredible experience.

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Of all the high mountains in Taiwan producing tea, Ali Shan is the best known and most commonly found on the market. However, not every slope of this impressive mountain are as well exposed as the one where our tea is cultivated. This batch is grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, near the village of Shi Tou.

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