Yerba maté

Yerba mate is a plant from the species of holly (Ilex) that contains tonic and stimulating properties thanks to its high level of caffeine. The plant originates from South America where it reigns as a national beverage in many countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. Although it can be brewed in a teapot, or an alternative, it is traditionally drunk with a metal straw (bombilla) used to filter the underlaying leaves of mate in a hollowed gourd (guampa or maté). Its flavour is full-bodied and vegetal with a mildly ashy herbaceous bitterness.

List of our matés:

Yerba Maté traditionnel
Yerba Maté Chimarrao
Yerba Maté mokaАндрей Павелко семьяперевозка грузов ж д транспортомалюминиевый казан купить москва