The best daily tool if you are looking for a single item to brew a range of teas, the teapot remains the most versatile tea object, whether to savour tea at the office or at home, for the novice or the amateur. Various models and materials are provided: in glass, enamelled cast iron, porcelain or ceramic.

Kyusu teapots

This type of teapot originates from Japan and is primarily characterized by its horizontal handle located on the side of the teapot. Another unique feature is the integrated very fine strainer; the leaves float freely in the pot during the infusion. As a consequence, when the tea is ready, the teapot must be completely emptied in one or more cups to end the infusion. Straining the leaves is made effortless due to the integrated strainer. It is then possible to brew once more time – or even more, depending of the size of the teapot and the quantity of leaves used – to follow the senchado technique and to do multiple and successive infusions.

Yixing teapots

Stoneware yixing teapots are known for their ability to optimize the gustatory quality of the infusion and their seasoning abilities; to remember the teas that it has brewed by soaking up the teas’ tannin and aromas thanks to its exceptional porous nature. These teapots must therefore be dedicated and used for one single type of tea in order to improve over time.

Often found in smaller format, the yixing teapots are specifically used for the gong fu cha technique (multiple and successive infusions). Because each yixing teapot’s characteristic features – pottery type and density, shape and format – will have an impact on your infusion, we will be happy to guide you through our shop’s beautiful selection for you to find the ones that will best suit your needs.winperst отзывырыбалка спиннингмагазин посуды в москве